How to elevate mood and normalise dysfunctional mental states with brainwave guidance therapy

If you or somebody you know suffers feelings of anxiety, mood swings, mild depression, panic attacks or obsessive thoughts, this could be what you have been searching for.

Anxiety and other dysfunctional mental states are associated with high levels of BETA brainwave activity

Dysfunctional mental states such as anxiety are often the result of a brain that’s stuck in the beta state of brainwave activity.

This is the state associated with overthinking, rumination, negativity bias, and survival-based reactivity to the outside world. It’s also the state associated with anxiety and other dysfunctional mental states.

Stanford University’s Dr. Leanne Williams said, “In depression, you will see some people get stuck in one of those circuits for negative emotion. They’ll say they feel bad, that everything feels bad. Trying to concentrate and switch to a different mode — a different circuit — can be really hard, almost impossible.”

She’s right. It’s hard to switch from anxiety or depression into optimism or tranquility... IF the brain remains in beta. Beta brainwave activity, by the way, is not the bad guy. Beta activity represents the normal functioning of the brain during waking hours when you’re alert and focused.

However, too much of a good thing is bad. You need to periodically shift from beta into alpha (characterised by greater feelings of calm, relaxed focus, a disengagement from the inner critic, and a positive outlook). Countless studies have shown that increasing alpha activity offers relief from dysfunctional mental states and experiences of greater wellbeing.

Many people try meditation as a way to introduce more alpha waves. But, traditional meditation can be difficult to master and that’s why they don’t stick with it long enough to experience its far-reaching benefits.

Brainwave guidance therapy, solves this problem and allows anyone to get into a meditative state. Literally, all you have to do is press play. The science behind it goes back to when mankind realised that rhythmic drumming creates altered states of consciousness.

“Altered states” refers to a different way of processing the world. In the alpha, theta and delta brainwave states, you stop seeing the world as a place where you need to be on high alert. You relax, and observe the world from a more peaceful, joyful, creative and intuitive perspective.

Can brainwave guidance technologies solve the problem of mental dysfunction?

Everybody is different, but if they develop the ability to relax the brain and control where they give their attention through meditation, they can often experience immediate and lasting relief. This relief grows exponentially over time as they continue their practice. It’s a huge step in the right direction.

How does it work?

The brain loves repetitive rhythm. It will quickly follow along to the rhythm of the stimulus. Recently, researchers have begun using a single, pure tone to guide the brain into a specific desired state of brainwave activity (alpha, etc). The key is purity of tone. Many brainwave therapy products try to mix frequencies in order to achieve all-in-one effects, but that’s like listening to hip-hop and Bach at the same time and hoping to enter deep meditation.

Many brainwave guidance products also only use one entrainment technology, called binaural beats, which requires the use of headphones. If you’ve watched any YouTube brainwave sessions with binaural beats, you will want to know that they don’t work without headphones… also, the sound quality on YouTube (and other major online platforms) is highly compressed (126Kbps MP3 audio quality) which effectively snips part of the brainwave technology away making the sessions much less effective.

Pure binaural beats are effective but not as powerful as monaural beats or isochronic tones. Fast, deep brainwave guidance happens when all three are used together and combine their unique strengths.

Alpha meditation is not a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle commitment that delivers big results the more you do it. It’s actually easy to fit it into your daily routine, if you’re using brainwave guidance technology. And, meditation is a personal journey. Along the way you will have questions. There’s no better way to get those questions answered than to have access to specialised coaches.

Brain wave therapy and coaching are exactly what executives, top athletes and many celebrities are using for peak performance. 

It's big business right now. These methods use electroencephalogram (EEG) brain monitoring equipment, neural feedback coaching, and brain training exercises. But… ka-ching! Most of us don’t have three to four thousand dollars for a one month program!

There’s a better option. Check out this brainwave guidance therapy audio session for yourself, from Brainwave Research UK. This free audio session will benefit anyone looking to normalise brain activity (get out of being stuck in beta and into the tranquility of alpha), to feel more empowered, clearer, balanced, calmer, happier, and more peaceful.

Brain wave therapy and coaching are exactly what executives, top athletes and many celebrities are using for peak performance.

About the author

Mike Smith is Co-founder of Brainwave Research UK, a London based research and development company. He helped develop multiple brainwave guidance tools and services to assist those suffering with dysfunctional mental issues so they can enjoy happier, calmer, joyful and more prosperous lives. His passions are family time, football, boxing and anything to do with brainwaves. email: tel: +44 20 3289 8625

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This was the first book that I ever read that opened my eyes to the power of brainwave guidance therapy. I discovered this book when I was in a terrible place suffering with anxiety and I give all the credit to Michael Hutchinson for not only my own remarkable transformation but also for the transformation of so many other peoples lives who have benefitted greatly from the brainwave guidance tools and services I have helped to create at Brainwave Research UK. I recommend you read it too! 

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